What Our Clients Are Saying About Our Legal Firm

Client Testimonials

“I was pulled over in 2011 by Officer Craft of the Arizona Department of Public Safety for no reason. As a result of the stop I was charged with Transportation of Marijuana for Sale, Conspiracy of Transportation of Marijuana for Sale and Use of Electronic Communication to Facilitate a Drug Transaction. I asked someone at the court if they knew a good attorney and she told me she would call Mr. Blackwell. I saw Mr. Blackwell outside of court after my first court date and he said he would take my case.


Although I did not have a lot of money for a case like this, he was willing to help me. Mr. Blackwell immediately filed several motions, which were denied by the judge. The Prosecutor refused to give me a lenient plea offer even after Mr. Blackwell begged on my behalf. However, Mr. Blackwell never gave up on me or my case. The prosecutor told Mr. Blackwell that he would no longer offer a plea and said we had to go to trial. Mr. Blackwell told me that it would be hard to prove I was innocent based on the fact that the police found several pounds of marijuana in my car. We were in trial for 3 weeks. The Jury’s verdict was Not Guilty on all counts. Mr. Blackwell told me that the Jury believed the cops did not have a valid reason to stop my car and that the cops took advantage of me by using deceptive interviewing techniques.


Several of the Jury members hugged me when the saw me outside the courtroom and told me to stay out of trouble and congratulations. If it weren’t for Mr. Blackwell I would have been sent to prison for at least 5 years. Mr. Blackwell is an awesome attorney and I would recommend him to anyone that has been charged with a crime. Mr. Blackwell believed in me and told me he would fight for me all the way. I prayed that the Jury would find me not guilty. My prayers were answered and GOD was on my side.”


“I was charged with a super extreme DUI and Attorney Blackwell just got my cased dismissed during trial. He was able to convince the Judge to keep my blood results out! By the way, I originally hired a large firm, they took my money and dropped me. Mr. Blackwell was always confident that I had a great case and he was right!”


“I was charged with a DUI involving alcohol and my prescription drug Keppra. The jury said that I was Not Guilty!!”


“If you need help with a criminal case, and you want to win, you have to hire Mr. Jocquese Blackwell. Jocquese L. Blackwell is an awesome attorney. I was recently charged with assault. When I met Mr. Blackwell I knew I had someone that I could trust. He believed my version of the facts from day one. When he got the police report he reviewed it with me and asked me to point out all of the inconsistencies. I was taken aback when I saw how both the police officer and the alleged victim fabricated what actually happened in my case. When Mr. Blackwell informed me that based on my version of the story, I should go to trial; I was extremely excited. I knew I had a great attorney that was willing to fight for my rights.

When we went to trial, all the nervousness I had before had vanished because I knew Mr. Blackwell had my back. He just kept telling me to tell the truth and everything would be just fine. Before I testified, I just knew the Judge believed the victim’s version of what happened. When the police officer testified, I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. It was like she was testifying about another incident. When I took the stand Mr. Blackwell put me at ease and allowed me to tell my version of the facts in a way that made the Judge Pay attention to my every word. After my witness testified, I had a good feeling I would win.

The Judge didn’t rule when the trial was over. She said she would take case under advisement. A few days later, Mr. Blackwell was informed that the Judge ruled that I was Not Guilty and acquitted me of the assault charge. Because of Mr. Blackwell’s excellent trial skills, I have no criminal record and I didn’t have to pay any restitution to the victim. Thank you so very much for helping me Mr. Blackwell. I will never forget what you did for me.”


“I was charged with DUI, speeding, and having a controlled substance in my blood. I never thought I had a fighting chance at winning this. Mr. Blackwell has immense knowledge on DUI cases and will defend you till the end! I’m happy to say we went to trial and I was found NOT GUILTY!!! Would hire him in a heartbeat!!”


“I was charged with a D.U.I. There were 2 witnesses that claimed they saw me drive into a palm tree. Mr. Blackwell got my case dismissed.”