Review Of Car Accident Causes In Arizona

They happen in any kind of weather, although bad weather causes more accidents than nice weather. There can be accidents because of a faulty part in a car or a bad driver. For whatever reason the accident occurs, it is important to know that you can find a lawyer to represent you with your case if you are injured in a car accident.

How to Avoid An Accident With A Semi Truck / 18-wheeler

The U.S. Department of Transportation recorded 286,000 accidents involving 18-wheelers in 2009. Passenger car occupants suffered 86 percent of the fatalities and 75 percent of injuries in these accidents. An August 21, 2015 New York Times article by reporter Howard Abramson reports that “The death toll in truck-involved crashes rose 17 percent from 2009 to 2013. According to the latest data available, fatalities in truck-involved crashes have risen four years in a row, reaching 3,946 in 2013.” Safety First Seatbelts can often mean the difference between life and death when it comes to an accident. They can prevent the driver from striking the steering wheel or dashboard and other occupants from being thrown sideways, slammed into a door or flying into the front seat. There are many testimonials regarding lives saved by wearing seatbelts. They are an inexpensive form of insurance and should always be worn when the vehicle is moving.

Retaining An Arizona Personal Injury Attorney

When a person is injured or killed by the careless or negligent acts of somebody else in Arizona, the victim or their estate might retain the services of a Phoenix personal injury attorney. They need not pay legal bills every month, since it’s customary for attorneys to take accident cases on a contingency fee basis. That means no attorney fees are due unless the attorney obtains compensation for you. There are many benefits of retaining a personal injury attorney. Their experience in evaluating injury claims An experienced personal injury attorney has been handling accident cases on a daily basis for many years, particularly the liability and damages issues. A consultation and case evaluation with an experienced personal injury attorney will reveal whether or not a viable claim exists. They speak insurance language The only experience you might have with your insurance company is periodically sending in your premium payments. If a claim arises, you and your insurer might have competing interests, especially if you’re making an uninsured or underinsured motorist claim. An attorney who focuses their practice on personal injury will be experienced in insurance terminology and negotiations. He or she will know how to preserve your claim and not prejudice it.